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Join Adopt-a-Vine Club

Join the Adopt-a-Vine Club and be an Honorary Wild West Vineyard Manager for a Vine of your choice...It's FREE to join!  Here's what's in it for you:

  1. In the month of March, you get to learn how to prune your very own vine the correct way
  2. Custom placard with your group, family or individual name listed right on the vine!
  3. Weekly "Grape Cam" posts on Facebook showing the status of your vine and fruit development as well as optional pruning suggestions.
  4. Invitation to harvest your vine at the appropriate time
  5. Invitation to participate in Grape Stomp event to juice your fruit.
  6. Invitation to Make Your Own Wine event.
  7. Bottling & Labeling One Bottle of Wine.

10% Discount on All Purchases Made at Vineyard/Tasting Room.